10 Reasons Your Blood Sugar May be off Kilter

Blood sugar concentration or blood glucose level is the amount of glucose (sugar) present in the blood of each person. The body naturally regulates blood glucose levels as a part of metabolic homeostasis but sometimes can get out of whack depending on certain things we do and eat.

Here are 10 reasons our blood sugar levels can fluctuate:

  1. Caffeine – Blood sugar levels can rise after drinking any caffeinated beverage even if it’s sugar free.
  2. Sugar Free Foods – Often times, those foods we think are so good for us because they are “sugar free” are loaded with carbs from starches making our blood sugar levels rise.
  3. A Cold – When we are sick, our blood sugar tends to rise as our bodies work harder than normal to fight off the illness.
  4. Stress – Blood sugar levels can rise when certain hormones are released into our bodies when we are under stress.
  5. Sports Drinks – Water is always best when trying to stay hydrated because many sports drinks are loaded with sugar and will make your blood sugar levels definitely rise.
  6. Medications – Certain medications such as, steroids for allergies and decongestants for colds can raise blood sugar levels.
  7. Yogurt – The probiotics found in yogurt are a good source of healthy bacteria that helps to lower blood sugar levels.
  8. Cinnamon – More research is needed but preliminary findings suggest that cinnamon can help the body use insulin better and may lower blood sugar.
  9. Alcohol – The carbohydrates in alcohol tend to make blood sugar levels rise but can drastically drop 12 hours after drinking.
  10. Vegan Diet – Many are turning to a vegan diet to keep their blood sugar levels under control. The fiber and whole grains tend to slow down the digestion of carbs making our system able to process better.

Sometimes no matter what we do, our blood sugar is hard to control. The Glucose Regulation Complex is a unique blend of scientifically supported ingredients that keep blood sugar levels steady and promote efficient glucose utilization.

Elevated insulin and blood sugar levels can result in serious health consequences so take care to eat right, drink right and supplement with the Glucose Regulation Complex.