The Total Health SciencesTransforMAYtionChallengeExercise is so important. It’s not just about losing weight and building muscle. Exercise has so many more health benefits that to go without it is becoming one of America’s biggest health concerns.

Here are 5 good reasons to exercise:

  1. Controls Weight – So this is basic math. What goes in needs to go out in terms of calories. If more goes in that goes out, we will gain weight. It’s that simple. If you’re like me, and you love to eat, then getting plenty of exercise is a must to control weight and make sure my clothes stay fitting.
  2. Hormones – When people exercise, there are various chemicals that are released in the body. These chemicals make us happy, can boost our confidence and self esteem, and make us calmer in our daily lives.
  3. Less Stress – There is something to be said for a job well done and this goes for exercise too. If you are going through something in your life that is stressful or creating more anxiety than usual, exercise is one of the best medicines because of all those good chemicals that are released in our bodies.
  4. Energy Boost – You have all heard of “getting your second wind”. This is when we are doing some form of exercise and we get a boost of energy that keeps us going and perhaps taking our performance to the next level. The building of muscle, makes our bodies more efficient which, in turn, gives us more energy.
  5. Better Sleep – I don’t know about you but sleep is extremely important to me. I get really cranky if I don’t get in all the zzzz’s that I need and exercise helps us sleep better which again, gives us more energy for the next day’s agenda.

Exercise does not have to be extremely vigorous. 30-60 minutes per day, about 5-6 times per week is all you need. Does that sound like a lot? If you think about how often you take the stairs, walk the dog, or even go grocery shopping, all those little bits activity can add up quickly and before you know it, you’ve reached an hour of exercise.

If, however, you are looking to ramp up your exercise, we would love for you to join us this month for the Total Health Sciences TransforMAYtion Challenge. Every day we post two exercises on our Instagram page @totalhealthsciences_ and on our Facebook page that show two different exercises to do every day for this whole month. You can download the whole calendar here.

It’s a great month to get healthy. The trees are blooming, the sun is out, and Total Health Sciences is committed to walking with you in your goals toward better health!