The day in the life of a Healthy Heart can look different from heart to heart. However, there are definitely similarities between a Healthy Heart and a not so Healthy Heart. So today let’s talk about what a day in the life would look like.


The first thing every Healthy Heart needs is to wake up refreshed and ready to go for the day. That means that you went to sleep on time. Being abruptly woken up by a jarring alarm clock is actually very unhealthy for a heart. Instead, try using an alarm app that allows you to wake up gradually with soft noises so that your heart has time to just from a sleeping heart rate to and awake heart rate.

Now that your heart is awake, it is time to feed your heart. A Healthy Heart always starts off with a nutritious breakfast. Doctors and your heart agree that starting off with a nutritious breakfast is the most important part of your day. For some ideas about super foods for a super heart, check out parts four and five of our Healthy Hearts series to learn more about what it takes to come up with a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your Healthy Heart.


Did you know that a Healthy Heart likes for your stomach to also be in shape? I know that sounds silly, but working on your core, eating the correct amount of food, and working on your heart health are an all-in-one package. Getting active for 30 minutes a day for anywhere between three and five days a week can greatly improve your heart health. So, the next step in your hearts day would be to get some exercise! Walking around the block, taking the stairs, or jumping on your elliptical are just a few great ways to get your heart healthy and active. In part five of our Healthy Heart series, we will be talking about heart rates and how to stay active.

Regardless of what your day may hold, whether it’s work, school, or play, your heart is now ready to take on your day. Packing a heart conscious lunch or going out with colleagues and friends, there are always choices that can be made that benefit your Healthy Heart. Simple solutions like taking the stairs, parking a little bit further away, getting fish and instead of steak, or even opting for a salad and instead of fries are just a few ways that you can thank your heart.


Now that your work day is over, your heart is looking for two more things to be checked off the list. The first thing, as you may have already guessed, is a Healthy Heart dinner. Does having a healthy dinner mean that you can’t enjoy a sweet every once in a while? The answer is… of course not! One of the things your heart loves is it for you to indulge in some simple pleasures. Studies have shown that having a little bit of dark chocolate everyday will actually improve your heart health! Those of us who don’t particularly enjoy chocolate, studies have also proven that a glass of red wine will also benefit your heart.


The last thing a Healthy Heart wants in it’s day is to unwind. There is almost nothing more important to your Healthy Heart then taking the time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the mental break you are allowing yourself before going to bed. Doing a mindless task such as knitting, yoga, or reading will lead to not only a Healthy Heart, but an improved state of mental health.

Before you go to bed on time, one bonus tip for your Healthy Heart. Stretch! Five minutes of stretching before bed will improve you sleepand your heart. Talk about a bonus!

Stay tuned on our Healthy Heart Journey for your chance to win a box of Shaklee’s Vitalizer Vitamin Strip to help improve your overall health!