If your kids have not started back to school yet, surely they will soon and with that comes a plethora of new projects, new teachers and most of all new illnesses.

It never fails, a school environment is a breeding ground for the spreading of germs and while we do our best to keep our kids safe sometimes their health gets put on the back burner as we scramble from event to event during the busy school year.

Here are some suggestions that will help keep your kids healthy and hopefully not missing too many days of school due to illness.

Good Eating Habits – Children should eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies (organic when available) per day—and aim for a colorful variety. For example—½ cup blueberries at breakfast, a baggie of carrot sticks & cherry tomatoes at lunch, a small banana as part of after school snack and a cup of steamed broccoli at dinner, and you’re there! These foods are full of immune-supporting nutrients including vitamins C & E, zinc and more. If you have trouble making sure your child is getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables, try supplementing with Incredivites. Incredivites provide kids with the immune support they need to keep them happy and healthy throughout the school year.

Enough Sleep – Being short on sleep definitely impacts immune function and makes your children more susceptible to germs. Elementary-age children need at least 9-10 hours of sleep while pre-teens to teenagers require 8-9 hours. Incorporate a bedtime routine and stick to it! Be sure and turn off all electronics at least one hour before bedtime. Overstimulated kids have more difficulty falling asleep which can create tired kids in the morning.

Physical Activity – Kids get stressed out just as much as adults…just differently. Physical activity is a great way to alleviate stress for anyone but especially kids. In today’s world, kids are much more apt to sit at home and play video games rather than get outside and get active. Set limits on kids’ electronics times and get them outside in the fresh air. Nature is a great way to soothe nerves so spend time outdoors with your child on a walk or simply talking and you’ll be on your way to preventing their immune system from becoming compromised.

Breakfast – Kids are funny. Sometimes they are just not hungry and other times they can eat like they’ve never had a meal in their life! When it comes to their health, breakfast is very important. Starting the day off with a good protein source, fresh fruits, or even vegetables is the key to giving their brains the energy they need. If your child is picky, you might try getting them interested in smoothies. The Shaklee Meal Shakes are a quick, easy and super healthy way to get your child’s day off to the right start. Throw in some tasty fruit or juice and make it a flavorful smoothie that will get them off to school in total health.

Good eating habits, sleep and physical activity have got to be a parent’s priority if you want your kids to stay happy and healthy during the school year. A healthy kid is a happy kid.