800px-olympic_rings.svg_.img_assist_customAre you into the Olympics as much as my family is? Every night we have been gathering around the television to cheer on our favorite gymnasts, runners, and swimmers. To say the least, it has been exciting.

So in honor of the Summer Olympic Games Rio 2016, I wanted to give you a look see into some of the amazing world class athletes that have been hand picked from a variety of highly competitive sports. They represent a commitment to 100% safe, pure and effective nutrition that gives athletes the healthy edge they need to win at the highest levels of competition.


Troy Dumais – Diving 

Pushing himself mentally and physically is something Troy excels at. “I have been really pushing my weight lifting programs to the maximum, which is making me stronger than ever, but it’s allowed me to know that I can perform all my dives at the best level. With Shaklee, I feel like I recover faster and am more mentally prepared for all daily tasks, work, and training sessions. It also gives me a great schedule and eating pattern to stay positive, have the energy to perform, and stay in the best shape of my life.”



Caroline_Lind_lg1-218x218Caroline Lind Shald – Rowing

Caroline is not only on the US national rowing team, she’s also a four-time women’s eight rowing champion at the summer Games and a four-time World Champion. “When I pulled my indoor rowing machine outside facing the lake and the mountains, I had exactly what I needed: the cool, early evening air, and my Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothie.”




Christina_Loukas_l1-218x218Christina Loukas – Diving

A two-time Summer Games competitor and nine-time national champion, Christina Loukas has been head-over-heels in the sport of diving nearly her entire life. She’s competed at elite levels in 1-meter, 3-meter, synchronized 3-meter, and synchronized 10-meter diving. But before she dedicated herself to diving, Christina dabbled in nearly every sport she could find: softball, basketball, ice skating, and gymnastics among them. “At an early age I learned what’s important: hard work, determination, and goal setting.”



Dennis_Bowsher_lg1-218x218Dennis Bowsher – Swimming 

“It takes a lot of commitment to compete at this high level,” says Dennis. “And it is not just in training, the commitment extends to things you do outside of training. Your body and mind are what are going to get you to the goals you set. You have to be doing everything to make sure your mind and body are in tip-top shape, and making sure you’re getting the nutrients you need is definitely high on the list. Shaklee has been invaluable to me—I use something from the whole line on nearly a daily basis, and I travel with as much as I can bring!”



Katy-Emmons-218x218Katy Emmons – Shooting 

“Shooting is a different. It doesn’t seem too hard, but to become a master it’s actually one of the hardest sports. It combines both physical and mental endurance. You have to be sharp the whole time of the competition. I think this challenge is exactly what attracts the athletes. I’ve had so many people that have never shot before and thought it was boring. After trying it they all loved it,” says Katy. “Shaklee supplements help me stay energized. Being a mom is wonderful, but it’s a lot of stress on your body—physically and mentally. Shaklee gives me the nutrition I need to get as much out of my training time as possible.”


Kelsey-Campbell-crop-218x218Kelsey Campbell – Wrestling

Campbell was the first female wrestler to compete for Arizona State University, where she won two NCAA women’s titles. She also trains with the US national team and competed in the 2012 London Games. Campbell strives to improve as an athlete and someday win a gold medal in the Games, but she is grateful for all that she has already achieved. “It is something not everyone could pursue,” Campbell explained. She faces the challenges of her wrestling career with her head and hopes held high. “When there is nothing tangible to fall back on, you learn to make a decision every day not to fall.”


These elite athletes have stringent regulations regarding what they put into their bodies. And since these and others give us a total of 121 Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the Summer and Winter games, I’d say they are doing a remarkable job!