kettleballThere is so much information floating around regarding our bodies, working out and overall fitness that I thought I would take the time to explain a few truths I’ve learned over the years that you may not have known.

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat – So I have ALWAYS believed this. Or, at least, I have always told myself this. But the truth is that muscle actually takes up less room in our bodies than fat does. For example, a pound of muscle is equal to a pound of fat! Think about it….. one pound is equal to one pound (if I’m doing my math right). But because muscle is more dense than fat it actually takes up less space say in our abdomens, legs and rear end. Another example of this is when a woman gives birth…….

“While pregnant she will gain weight because of the baby, and may quickly lose weight after giving birth. Just because the scale reads the same number it did pre-baby doesn’t mean she has that same pre-baby body back. Her body fat changes, so her body shape changes, leaving her with a different body than before, resulting in her clothes from before probably not fitting yet.”

Lifting Weights Gives You Big Muscles – I always believed this too, until I met with a personal trainer and told her of my fears. She assured me that because I am a woman and I don’t have the same amount of testosterone that men do therefore I would not bulk up like I was thinking I would……

“Since ladies have lower levels of muscle building hormones, it’s almost impossible to “bulk up” by lifting heavy. By lifting heavy I mean being able to do 8-15 repetitions before failure, or you can’t do any more.”

Spot Reducing – So this is a huge lie that I have always believed so imagine my frustration when I did 1 bazillion sit ups every day for a year and still had a muffin top! Charlene Johnson, motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling author, and fitness celebrity says the amount of fat cells we had at puberty is the same amount we have now…..

“The number of fat cells doesn’t change, we don’t make more, the ones we have just get larger (or smaller). Also, the first place you put fat on is the last place it will come off, which is why areas like the stomach and love handles are tough, and you can’t spot reduce them.”

Of course, if you have plastic surgery like liposuction, then you are removing fat cells. But the problem here is that if you continue eating junk and not exercising then the fat has to go to other cells and often times other areas of our body get bigger after we have trimmed one area.

Sit Ups and Six Packs – As I mentioned above, it is frustrating to workout and workout and workout and not see results, especially when it comes to troubled areas. Charlene notes that “you can’t just do crunches and get a six pack”. This is actually good news to me because I hate doing crunches! The key to any type of toning, whether it be abs, legs, butt, or whatever is strength training along with fat burning. You have to get the muscle strengthened and the fat around that area burned off so you can see the definition. A regimen of strength training, cardio, core, and proper nutrition will all help in getting that those muscles to be more defined and evident.

Skin – When I lost 20 pounds last year, I noticed a definite droop in my face. I even went to the dermatologist and a plastic surgeon to discuss my options. What happens is, the longer we remain a certain weight, the less elastic the skin will be, so it may tighten but it won’t go back to its original state. It was actually kind of a bummer because no matter how many facial peels or tightening creams I use, the truth is that skin is genetic when it comes to tone and elasticity and the wrinkles and droops are just part of getting older. Chalene says that what we eat is the most important component when it comes to our skin and 1 -2 teaspoons of coconut oil taken in our food or beverage each day is totally good for our skin.

The Best Time to Exercise – Personally I prefer exercising in the morning. If I don’t get it done first thing, then chances are I will get busy and never get it done later. I also have more energy in the morning than I do at say…..2pm so for me, the earlier the better. The truth is that the best time to work out is what works best for you! Consistency is the key. Whether you are a morning person or prefer exercising after a full day at work, just stick with it and keep track of your progress. It’s only when we can evaluate our results that we can make necessary changes to meet our fitness goals.

What myths have you believed over the years that may have affected your health goals and outcomes? Leave us a comment and let us know and by all means, if you think this article has helped you, please use the sharing tools below to pass it on to a friend.